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Passionate about oil and gas, leveraging classical petroleum/reservoir engineering and machine learning.

Optimizing reservoirs for long-term health and short-term production is an endless task. We have developed technologies to ease the load from your production engineers and allow them to leverage the power of classical engineering and machine learning to better understand their reservoirs.

Do the basics correctly, and the complex will follow more simply.

Even better, our technology doesn't hide inside a black box. View and modify it to fit your workflows.

We also offer consulting services to lighten the load and foster collaboration. Ask us today how we can help, from evaluating well productivity through to helping your staff to develop Python and data science skills so that your organization is competitive in the digital age.



Friendly words from our amazing colleagues and clients.


(Dave is) One of the few people in subsurface who was able to understand how to use the data to help us deliver the practicalities and not just purr contentedly about "the model says this".

Wells Technical Advisor, BP

I found (Dave's) passion for the technical aspects of the job infectious. I genuinely feel that he is a driving force for production and injection optimization.

Production Team Leader, Shell

(Dave) brings humor, innovation and pure cleverness to the table.

Petroleum / Completions Engineer, BP

(Dave) brings a huge amount of technical flair, knowledge, insight and cameraderie.

Technology Team Leader, BP


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