Engineers, data scientists, geeks.

At Evenstar, we live through the digital revolution that is occurring in oil and gas. The hydrocarbon revolution that has powered the modern industrial age is becoming smart, and we aim to become smart with it.

To this end, our fundamental belief is that the best way to apply digital technologies to the oil field is through the fingertips of the engineers that run them. Engineers are natural data scientists.

Evenstar's philosophy is to create digital oil fields, populated with digital wells. These digital copies are populated and assessed with engineering understanding - that je ne sais quoi, the gut feel - to ensure that classical engineering and modern analysis techniques build from each other, not separately.




Founder, Reservoir Engineer / Data Scientist

Born in the UK and raised between the UK and France, David has 10 years of professional experience in numerical analysis, reservoir / petroleum engineering and computational techniques.

After completing a PhD in Chemical Engineering (Computational Fluid Mechanics) at the University of Cambridge, David joined BP where he spent 7 years between the technology and reservoir management groups. At BP, he was consistently awarded high personal ratings for driving digital change, working across the BP portfolio but calling the UK North Sea home.

David moved to California in 2020 with his wife and daughter, igniting a passion to deliver oil and gas consulting in between enjoying everything California has to offer. The Robbins family can be found regularly at Lake Tahoe and the El Dorado National Forest.


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