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Asset base management with Python

Neptune is a suite of technologies linked seamlessly to deliver base management workflows. With engineers' time more stretched than ever, Neptune performs the workflows that monitor well and reservoir health to ensure that production remains optimized, regardless of how busy your engineers are.

The best part? No fancy interfaces with yet more software to learn. No incomprehensible outputs - no black box engineering.

Learn more today about how Evenstar Neptune can fit into your workflows with minimum disruption by contacting us.


Add machine learning to your processes

We know that machine learning, AI and other digital novelties come at a price. Distraction. With Neptune driving the fundamental base management processes, leverage the power of modern machine learning methods to better understand interactions of wells and the potential for well failure or under-performance.

Without performing fundamental engineering analyses correctly, these more advanced models are trained on poor quality data. Garbage in, garbage out.

Similarly, a well-trained model needs to yield interpretable results. We build machine learning methods that talk to reservoir physics.

Contact us today to see how we approach pressure transient analysis, reservoir modelling for short-term predictions, decline curve analysis and derivation of injectivity curves. Let Evenstar drive your surveillance further.


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